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Elemental Formations is an Australian owned and produced, Sunshine Coast based family business, offering one-of-a-kind, handmade, truly eye catching pieces of art.
Each and every one of our lamps are literally handmade by us, using natural repurposed timber from our backyard, and local properties, which is then passed straight into the hands of our workshop team. This is where the blend of natural beauty and intuition combine, creating show stopping pieces that you, and your customers will absolutely fall in LOVE with!
Like our products, in business, we also like to do things a little differently. By allowing us to serve you with a rewarding and profitable, fair business exchange, both you and us are then able to not only serve our immediate family, our staff family, but our wider community as a whole.
Our company ethos keeps us striving towards not only creating elegant, organic, functional works of art, but by also aiming to do it in the most sustainable way for the future, and by creating the best example for everyone else.
To ensure that we don’t just live to our business values, we also ensure our business values are congruent with our personal values. Sustainability and doing everything that we can to live sustainably is part of this commitment, and guides us to move towards not only being carbon neutral, but actually carbon positive in the future.
And this is where our moto 'Changing the planet, one lamp at a time', really takes on a whole new meaning.