'Design Your Own' Fluorite

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*A 2 week turnaround is expected with all Design Your Own orders*


Your decision to place a 'Design Your Own' lamp is a very special process, and one that our beautiful workshop family bears great responsibly for. With the knowing that the lamp is being created for you, or for someone special to you sets the intention of love, as we create your lamp from start to finish.

A 'Design Your Own' lamp gives you the ability in essence, to create your own lamp.

This option allows you to choose the componentry you would like included, but does not include the choosing of a specific piece of timber or crystal sequence. This will be left up to our workshop family to choose on your behalf.

If you are wanting more creative control over choosing your piece of timber or crystal sequence, please click here and complete our 'Custom Order' enquiry form. 

Note: Our lamp sizing is based on the crystal weight included, not necessarily the size of the timber. Price inclusive of $10 design fee 

Note: While all of our pieces of timber used for lamps are unique, please see below for some generalised descriptions: 

  • COOKIE: Round and solid stump
  • STANDY POINTY: Stands and points
  • LOG: Horizontal cylinder that lays down
  • UNIQUE: A piece of timber that does not fall under any of the other description.

Power supply: 240v AU adaptor

Dimmer switch: Available separately


Please follow the link to OUR WARRANTY INFORMATION